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I have published 10, but I think it was lost, so that students read this before 9. Go to time back home, said Master? We gathered our things shegods and M cut the lead shegods dog in the neck. He takes us by the prison through the bar, we were both bollock naked and aroused great interest. The wardrobe girl lesbian feels that the student with obviuos pleasure. shegods We pushed our stuff in the bags and put on coats, we were still naked. M takes us through our dog leads to the taxi stand at the end of the road. The taxi driver was ogling in the lines, we shegods have in the back - do not waste time until we got home we ordered M. came home early and went into the living room. Coats, ordered M and naked - we take the coats and stood naked before him. You have had 10 runs for 3 clock told him the girl, did you like ? Oh God, yes, she replied: 'Fucking Beautiful' Ok now we have to finish the first day, as our dog in beauty, said Pull me ordered - We have on each side of him and pulled him naked, qus we take the front and its shegods tail grabbed what few laughs - and say hello to my tail, you two, its program, as he told me - I took his cock in my right hand and lay their eggs on the left - I let my tongue three times for his nob, took about half his cock in my mouth, pushed him back with my tongue, my tongue three times to return and ended with a kiss. Now he told the students, they do well - do not hesitate and just follwed suit. He said, M, is now very nice for the coronation of the day. He sat on the SOFE to open her legs and sticks his cock up, turn around, I said, now you can reduce your pussy on my cock - your help, put it on the students who said, as his cock str8 up slid my wet hole. This was unusual for those who normally shegods are not made shit. Now the girls, she said - to lick her clit while I fuck at the same time. Oh God, the sky is sucked and fucked at the same time. I came hard and as soon as i bucked up, I heard moaning and M shot his load inside me. His cock slid again. Lick my cock clean, he told the girl. Craine past and I saw her licking the last drop of semen from his cock, she had to squeeze to get the last of the sperm from his pipe. Nice, he said - now clean pussy. She breathed deeply, then pulled on my wet pussy cum loaded, she licked and licked and I even had an orgasm. finnalliy ended. I said : M - Belo Horizonte - peace - tomorrow, told the students - the oath. Oh, God. We were lying in bed on either side of the teacher with a breast pressed against his chest and a leg on the thigh, so our pussies against their legs - we slept outside Str8 -fuck what a beautiful day, I thought I was sleeping next to shegods - the oath of students
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